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The Boy and the Morning Star

Mallings, 1988

Author's comments

The old otter pulled the boy tight in to him and whispered something in his ear.


Finally the golden thread was all used up and the boy now stood on the threshold of the Rainbow Palace. The Sun and the Moon stood at each their end of the great castle with their backs turned to each other.
High above them shone the Morning Star. Joy at seeing the shimmering star drifted like clouds through the boy and gave him the courage to say out loud, "Honoured Sun and Moon, I have come because you are so angry with each other that you no longer follow your paths across the heavens. When you don't shine down on us, all life on the earth, in the sea and in the sky dies. But I know why you have quarrelled. The old otter told me that you both want to marry the beautiful Morning Star, but she doesn't want either of you and …."



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Author's comments:

This picture book story also spent some years in the drawer before being dragged out into the light by Lillian Brøgger's beautiful illustrations. I wrote it as a comfort for a dear friend who felt he wasn't allowed to be his true self because others wanted to decide his life. Like the little boy in the story, he had to learn to follow his own path and trust that his inner voice would lead him. The pictures in this book are, in my opinion, as beautiful as a dream.

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