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The Best Behaved Children in the World

Høst & Søn, 1999

Au thor's comments


Petra Frederika and Benjamin Hugo were probably the best behaved children in the world. They were in fact so well behaved that they asked for permission to blink their eyes and swallow their spit !
In the morning when the alarm clock rang, they immediately leapt, happy and singing, from their small beds, where the covers lay so smooth that no-one would believe that they had been slept in.

Petra Frederika naturally washed her hands and face, before brushing her teeth for at least 12 minutes. Benjamin Hugo took care to wash his ears and clean his nails, before he also brushed his teeth. He usually brushed them for half an hour, which meant that he needed a new toothbrush every third day because the old one was worn out. He bought the new one himself out of his pocket money, of course.





Author's comments:


For a long time, I had gone around playing with a nutty story that I couldn't really get to grips with.
Then I came across a picture book which Julie Kyhl had drawn and all the pieces of the story fell into place.
I love Julie's zany, wry pictures and I still smile on those occasions when I'm about to read it out loud.

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