Trina Troll and Calum Caterpillar 1-3

Alrune, 2003 - 2004

Extract from Trina Troll and Calum Caterpillar
Author's comments


Trina Troll lives
in a hole.

Trine does the cleaning.
Everything must be tidy.

Then she lays eyes on Calum Caterpillar.

Who is he?



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Extract from Trina Troll and calum Caterpillar :



"Yuck, how filthy it is here,"
says Trina.
"It needs cleaning.
"I'd better do it now.
"It will soon be winter."
She throws everything out of her hole.
She's a fast worker.


Trina is good at tidying up.
Two chairs, a table, a saucepan.
The box with the food in is heavy.
She has been storing up all summer.
Soon it will be cold.
She doesn't want to starve.


Trina is strong. She carries everything outside. Then the hole is empty.
There is only a trunk left.
That should not go outside.
Trina's treasure is in it.
She opens the lid and looks in.


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Author's comments:

Trina values peace and order above everything and, indeed, she has it within herself, but she still needs a friend. Callum likes to go for walks and write poems, but lacks a place to live for the winter. Maybe these two can work something out together.