Sigurd's Saga 1-6

Alrune, 2005/2006
Easy Reading serial in 6 books, lix ca.10

Extract from Sigurd's Saga
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Back-cover text, book1: Siggy Piggy
Sigurd goes off into the forest. It’s night. The only light is from the moon.
He doesn’t know which way to go.
The path takes him into a clearing. There he sees the glow of a fireplace.
A man is sitting by the fire. His hat hides his face.
Can it be Brace? No, he’s far too old.
Sigurd approaches a little nervously.
Perhaps the man will be angry if he talks to him.
What if he attacks him?



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Extract from Sigurd's Saga :

Book 1 - Siggy Piggy

“You stink, Siggy Piggy.”
Alf smirks and dodges to one side so Sigurd can’t hit him.
Alf’s brother Hunn is grinning and making grunts like a pig.
Sigurd throws punches at him but he hides behind his horse.
“You’re scared to fight,” says Sigurd calmly.
He clenches his fists.
“You’re yellow, both of you. Cowards!”
Alf gives Hunn a signal. The two brothers go into the pig-sty.
“Don’t you dare say that again, Siggy-Slave.”
Alf looks at him angrily.
“We’re the king’s sons. Nobody jeers at us without getting their come-uppance.”
Hunn raises his fists. “Especially not a serf.”
“I’m no slave,” hisses Sigurd. “My mother is married to your father, the king.”
“Then who’s YOUR father?” Alf spits at him.
The clump of spittle lands at Sigurd’s feet.



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Author's comments:

Lord of the Dragon is now finally complete. It has had many readers and for those who really enjoyed Lord of the Dragon, a new series, Sigurd's Saga, has now been completed. Starting from the old narrative circle about Sigurd Fafnersbane, I have created along with illustrator Hans Høygaard, 6 parts about battle, honour and magic.


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