Enya 1-6

Alrune, 2003 - 2005
Easy Reading serial in 6 books, lix ca.10.

Extract from Enya
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Back-cover text, book 1 - Troll Minx:
“No-one else has a troll minx in their house.”
“You listen to Anina too much. Enya’s a good girl. There’s nothing the matter with her. But she’ll soon be a grown-up. Let her have a little freedom. You’re too hard on her.”
“Too hard!” screams Martha out loud. “She’s a lazy, stupid good-for-nothing. And look at her eyes. They’re like water, changing colour with the light.”





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Extract from Enya :

Book 2 - The Clan

There is no path to be seen, but the little flock seems to know the way. Enya thinks about what she's heard about the Clan. That they are in collusion with dark powers.
Some also say they know about magic.
But they say that about her too. She smiles defiantly and lifts her head. So she might just as well be here, she thinks. Maybe she is descended from the Clan!
"No," says the old man, putting his hand on her shoulder. "You're not one of the Clan."
Enya doesn't know what to say. How can he know what she's thinking?
He gives a wry smile. "Your thoughts are easy to come in contact with. In any case, for me. I have a special ability which I have practised."
She doesn't drop her eyes when they meet his. She knows at once: she also has such abilities! His words have triggered a new longing within her. She will learn to read thoughts, just like him.
He answers her inner words. "Yes, you can learn it." He looks long and quietly at her.
At last, he raises his eyebrows and says, "The ability exists only in very few. They all come from special lineage. But where do you come from? I can usually decipher people's pasts. But with you I see only mist. Do you know anything yourself?"



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Author's comments:

Enya has peculiar eyes. Some even say that she is a troll-child. She has no idea herself where she comes from or the nature of this remarkable force she possesses, but she is going to have to find out, if the evil Wurma is not to achieve the power he aspires to.
Enya is a new fantasy tale, which like Lord of the Dragon is easy reading.
Lars Lauge has illustrated with an unusual sense of detail and some exciting picture ideas.
The Enya books were written at the request of several girls, who were crazy about The Lord of the Dragon, but wanted a series with a girl as the main character.

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